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Custom Patches: A Closer Look

Published / by Rose Elie

Custom patches are unique pieces of embroidery found in certain pieces of clothing. They are mostly seen in men and women who are required to use uniforms. This is the case even if such men and work for private companies or for the government.

How They Are Made

The materials needed for these patches to be made are threads and fabric backing. Traditionally, patches used to be manufactured just by hand. These days, many patches are now produced with the help of machines.

They are completed by first cutting the fabric backing into shape. Next, the margins of the fabric backing will be heat-sealed to avoid fraying which is usually the reason why patches are destroyed. The threads are then stitched into the backing. Finally, the finished set may now be sown or stitched to any piece of garment.

Because of the advances in technology, patches can now be attached by using adhesives that can just be ironed on or be activated by dry heat. Some, however, prefer the use of Velcro backing so that they can use the patch in another piece of garment if they want to.

custom patchesThese custom patches play a big role in private companies or organizations and even the workforce of the government. They serve as a mark so that members or personnel of such companies and organizations can be distinguished from others belonging to the same field or industry.

Important Features of Patches

It is thus important that the chosen patches be manufactured in such a way that it embodies the quality of brand or service that your company or the organization wants to convey.

Therefore, if you are thinking of having your patches customized, here are some of the points that you want to consider:

1. Purpose. Primarily, before you get into designing your patches, you must think of your company or organizations purpose or mission. This way, you can come up with a sketch that will truly exemplify what you are about as a group.

As in marketing, your patches will serve as your logo. As your logo, it will serve as the face of your group.

2. Originality. It is necessary that the design you have in mind does not yet exist. You do not want your company or your organization to be associated with one that already exists.

If your design matches that of the others, your company or organization might end up being sued for copyright infringement. Another danger this situation might pose is that if the patches match those that do not have a good reputation in the field or industry that you belong to, your company or organization might end up not being trusted by your customers or the people you want to serve.

3. Creativity. The custom patches you want to wear must be designed in such a way that it stands out from the competition. The idea behind the arrangement of the patches must be well thought of.

Before you have the patches made, make sure that you consulted with a graphic artist or any expert in making them. You can also consult with the creative design team of the professional patch manufacturing companies that you can find online. Provide them with a sketch or a layout of the patches you want them to design for you.

4. Comprehensibility. Although we said that your custom patches must be original and creative, it is equally important that they are comprehensible to others. If there are words that you wish to incorporate in the patches, you must use font styles that can be easily read.

Also, if you want images in them, draw the images in a manner that they are easy on the eyes. You do not want people asking you what image that is on your patch. The goal is that they recognize you belong to a certain company or organization as fast as possible.

5. Individuality. You also want your patches made in such a way that if a person looks at the patch, he or she would immediately know that the person wearing that patch belongs to your company or to your organization.

In designing your patches, you will then have to consult first with your members or your personnel if possible. You want them to hear their opinions regarding the design because it is they who will wear the custom patches in the first place.

6. Quality. Another important point you want to keep in mind is that the patches must be made by professionals. Its arrangement must be that of high quality materials. The last thing you want is your brand looking cheap.

Since we already mentioned that it would serve as a distinguishing mark of your company or organization, you should keep in mind that your members and personnel must be proud to have the patches sown to their uniforms or jackets.

Patches Patches4Less, the nature of the weaving of your custom patches and our consumer loyalty’s are our top concern.