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What to Know Before Buying TaylorMade Golf Clubs

Published / by Anthony Olson

There is a huge difference between hitting shots using ordinary golf clubs and making your swing with TaylorMade golf clubs. At one point in your journey to developing your own game, you’d seemingly find that any club that feels comfortable makes it the right one for you. There’s no harm in keeping up with the game using clubs that you feel you’re comfortable with. However, technology has become a great factor in improving how things work, and golf equipment is not an exclusion. This is what made TaylorMade become a top-rated company as far as golf clubs and other equipment are concerned.

On the contrary, your game doesn’t merely rely on the brand of club you use. You have to at least be knowledge on what club you should be using at different points throughout the game. This makes it very important to know what equipment you’d be picking out from a shop and making a room for inside your golf bag..

You’re pretty much aware of how huge your selection for TaylorMade golf clubs are. But are you sure you’re choosing what you need?

Basically, you have your drivers, woods, irons, and putter.The driver is what you’d be using to drive off the tee, which is 200 up to 350 yards from the hole. But the woods may be recommended if you’re not hitting 5-par holes. The irons are excellent from less than a couple hundred yards, while the putter is what you’d have to hit with the moment your ball lands on the green.

Taylormade golfSo much for golf club types, you’d be facing a whole lot of TaylorMade golf clubs the moment you step inside one of their stores. The driver serves as one of the most important clubs you should bring with in the golf course. Typically, there’s the 1-wood that’s best used from the tee, though par-3 holes may require higher-numbered woods, like the 3-wood. For shots from the fairway, however, some players prefer using the 5-wood.

For most of your shots made from fairway to the green, you’d likely be using irons. However, the availability of hybrids somehow replaced some irons given their versatility. Hybrids are golf clubs that make shot distances similar to woods, but have better accuracy that is comparable with irons. There is the 1- up to the 9-iron, but essentially, 3 of these is enough, which you’d easily determine through club fitting.

The wedges, which is a sub-class of irons, have weightier club heads and wider soles meant for the trickier shots. These are commonly used in clearing hazards, as they make the trajectory of your shots higher.

The putter has the lowest loft (at less than 10 degrees) among all club types. As a beginner, you’d want a putter that has relatively larger club heads, so you’ll have more power without losing accuracy on your shots.

Since you’re just getting started, you’d want your TaylorMade golf driver be a 3-wood. This is where the SLDR fairway works best, as it allows easy launch and gives more distance to your shots with the speed pocket technology, which innovation is applied to most of TaylorMade’s golf clubs. The SLDR irons developed by TaylorMade also make use of their speed pocket, but further improves it with the “ThruSlot” technology, so the cavity that the speed pocket feature implements is extended. The All Terrain Versatility wedges built by the company allows for those pitch, flop, explosion, and chip from the sand. As for the putters, you may want to begin with the Daddy Long Legs. As the name implies, these putters have greater lengths so that the MOI can further be increased, while keeping the balance from grip to club head more stable.