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Custom Neck Lanyards to Fit Your Needs

Published / by Lynn Moody

Neck lanyards, personalized or not, always seem to catch people’s attention. Though, it is not only for their mere colorful appearance that I have grown a liking for neck lanyards, but it is mostly of its practical uses in everyday dealings like, work, driving, playing and even defense. Yes, neck lanyards are not only there for the sole purpose of keeping your items from dropping or getting lost, but they offer a large amount of benefits. A somewhat harmless neck lanyard could become a very powerful tool that may save your life and in some worse scenario, could also put your life in peril.

Custom neck lanyards have existed way before the 15th century, it may have been in that period that it was attributed with the name of lanyard but I do believe it goes further back. Personalized or custom made neck lanyards may seem like a far fetch idea to most, but lanyards of long years past are personally made by the people who use them. And because the people who made their own lanyards produce them to suit their own specification for their personal use, neck lanyards of the past differ from each other according to materials, region and culture but their uses and functions still remain almost always the same.

Neck LanyardsAs a tool, custom neck lanyards are almost irreplaceable. They offer you the freedom of movement while giving you a way to keep your other tools in order. Keeping your tools at hand when you need them while providing you enough slack and space to move and maneuver is a very important aspect of lanyards. While most would consider neck lanyards as a simple tool to keep and items in order and preventing them from getting dropped accidentally, others would find that lanyards are very essential in keeping you safe especially when in the act of climbing trees, poles and any other work that you need to fasten yourself to something for safety.

Custom neck lanyards and the process of personalization to make them fit the needs of the person and the environment where it would be used are very important. Safety of its user, flexibility, strength of material and certain other factors must be considered according to personal, industrial or tactical specifications. While others would prefer their custom lanyards in bright attractive colors, most tactical operators would rather have it in camouflage colors pairing with their uniform.

The materials of custom lanyards also will differ as students and office employees would rather have their lanyards made out of thin, lightweight and colorful materials others will require thick, rugged, flexible and strong materials for theirs.

Ordinary or standard everyday use lanyards are mostly made up of loop of cord, ribbon, chain or other materials attached to a snap hook or any mechanical device that can provide easy attachment. Sometimes this type of lanyard is enough, but there are people who would prefer and require additional features on their custom lanyards. An additional easy breakpoint on the lanyard is added for the reason of safety which is helpful when lanyards pose a threat to its bearer.

The military and law enforcement have their share of custom lanyards uses and opinions too. While some would prefer using personalized lanyards with quick release function in order to detach the lanyards easily and quickly for tactical and safety reasons, others would prefer otherwise for their own tactical and safety reasons as well.

In short, custom lanyards exist to have differing variants and functionality and according to the specifications and purpose they are intended for by their bearer or maker.